Early Years Safety, Made Easy..

EYD Ltd was created in 2015 to design innovative solutions for Early Years setting’s problems. As experienced Product Designers, (who also owned nurseries) the Early Years Bags concept (EY Bags) was specifically designed for nursery settings and Early Years staff. Nowhere on the market was there an easy to use, purpose designed ‘hands free’ bag which incorporated the ‘required’ First Aid kit. Out of the need for a ‘grab and go’ kit, that could take the stress out of outings and fire evacuations, the idea for Outinz® and Evac™ bags was born.

Through owning four of their own early years’ nurseries, the designers of EY Bags have had the advantage of a thorough development environment that enables the products to be designed and then tested in the real world, within their nursery settings. This ensures the final product is not only stylish, but also ‘tried and tested’.

EYD Ltd are proud to have won many awards for their product innovations, including now for their EY bags products range.

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