Evac bag


Evac bag


The Evac Bag is a uniquely designed rucksack containing the key essentials required to equip you for faster and  more organised evacuations and emergencies. It is a must have kit in any early years or educational setting, facilitating timely evacuations. You can have peace of mind that everything required to keep your staff and children safe in such an event is within your ‘grab n go’ Evac bag.

What’s Included?:

Water | Tissues | Wet wipes |Whistle | Paediatric First Aid Book | BS8599-1 First Aid kit (Contains: Safety pins, Bandages, Plasters, Relitape, Rebreath, Scissors, Cleansing Wipes, Foil Blanket, Finger Dressing, Burn Soothe, Nitrile Gloves)





Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 400 × 160 × 400 cm

1 review for Evac bag

  1. Nursery Owner (verified owner)

    “We have mounted the bag on the wall by the door so that when the fire alarm goes off we know exactly where it is. Just such a simple idea!”

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